Why I am voting for the ANC

In the 25 years since South Africans first voted for the ANC, the lives of the majority of our people have vastly improved. Millions have been lifted out of poverty, provided with housing, electricity, water and sanitation. The size of the economy has doubled and millions more people have jobs. Access to education and health care has been massively expanded, particularly for the poor.

Yet, although these achievements demonstrate the capabilities and the commitment of the ANC, the most important reasons for voting ANC are about the future. 

More than any other party in South Africa, the ANC is able to unite all South Africans behind a programme to grow the economy and create jobs, to reduce poverty and fight crime.

Over the past year, the ANC has shown that it is able to accept its weaknesses, admit its mistakes, and take bold steps to correct them. It has a bold plan, based on real experience, to draw young people into employment, build a more inclusive economy, develop the skills that our people need now and into the future, and build safer communities.

Working together, we can – and we will – grow South Africa.

Cyril Ramaphosa
ANC President

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