ANC Election Manifesto
Create Jobs and drive economic development
Our key task is to create jobs and reduce poverty as a matter of urgency.

We will create more jobs for young people as first-time entrants and upscale internships, learnerships and bursaries.

Working with all levels of government, we will grow the economy, increase jobs and reduce poverty, especially for young people.

We will continue to provide special COVID-19 grants and various support measures for workers and tax relief for businesses.

We will implement the second phase of the Presidential Employment Stimulus, which has already provided opportunities to about a million people.

We will remodel the Community Works Programme and revitalise co-operatives.

We will use the District Development Model to drive local economic development, including townships and villages.

We will expand the number of WiFi hotspots and develop the night-time economy.

We will develop fresh produce markets and promote the sale of foodstuffs in townships in community-owned stores.

We will build the waste recycling economy and integrate waste pickers into the system, revitalise buy-back centres and improve management of landfill sites.

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