Election Day Wednesday 8 May 2019

Reasons to Vote ANC

The Voting Process

Make Your Vote Count

“Let us grasp our collective future with both hands, in the immortal words of the Freedom Charter: side by side, sparing neither strength nor courage.” - President Cyril Ramaphosa

1. Check your Registration Status

The registration period has closed. If you’ve registered and voted in the past you can still check your status by SMSing your ID number to 32810 [R1 PER SMS],or you can visit www.elections.org.za

2. You must vote where you registered

Make sure you go to the correct voting station and district in which you are registered. Every voting station is marked by large, clear signs outside.

3. Don't forget your ID

You must bring a valid South African identity document in the form of a green ID book, a smartcard ID or a valid temporary ID certificate. The barcode on your ID will be scanned.

4. Inside the voting station

Inside the voting station your name will be marked off the voters roll. If you have no address on the roll you will be asked to provide details of where you live. Your left thumb will be marked with a special election ink. This stain will not come off for several days to prevent anyone from voting more than once.

5. There are two ballot papers

You will be given two ballot papers: • one for the national electionone for the provincial election Look for the ANC name, symbol and photo of the President on the ballot paper. The ANC is fourth from the top on the national and second or third on the provincial ballot papers.

6. Outside your voting district on election day

If you are outside your voting district on election day, you can vote at any voting station but it will take longer as you will have to fill in a special form. If you are outside your province, you will only get a national ballot paper.

7. Make your mark correctly

Your vote is your secret, so do not tell anyone in the voting station who you’re voting for. In the voting booth, make a clear X in box next to the political party you support. Ensure you make only one mark on each ballot paper to avoid a spoilt ballot.

8. No selfies allowed

To protect the integrity of the voting process, it is illegal to take photographs with your marked ballot paper. Instead, voters are encouraged to take pictures of their marked thumbs to show they have voted.

9. You can ask for help

If you have a physical disability or a visual impairment, you can ask someone older than 18 to assist you, or ask for help from a presiding election officer. Illiterate voters can ask for help from the presiding officer or can vote by just looking for the party symbol and making a x in the box next to it. (An observer and, if available, 2 agents from different parties must be present.)

10. You can fix a mistake

If you make a mistake marking your ballot paper, DO NOT put it in the ballot box. Call an IEC official to cancel your paper and give you a new one. You can only ask for a new ballot twice.

11. You can wear what you like

Voters are allowed to wear T-shirts and other items showing their party affiliation. However, party agents are PROHIBITED from doing so.

12. Report inappropriate conduct

Presiding officers at the voting station are responsible for ensuring our elections are free and fair. If you see any inappropriate conduct, suspect your ballot paper has been tampered with, or if you are being intimidated, make sure you report this to the officers. Political parties are NOT ALLOWED to campaign near voting stations.

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